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Cannery Row Show #6; Monterey County Micro-state Parliament Election of 2013 (7/6/2013)

Cannery Row Show #5; Executives Vote of Confidence (3/31/2013)

Cannery Row Show #4; Author LK Samuels' Book _In Defense of Chaos_ (2/13/2013)

Cannery Row Show #3; Searching for Unity and the California Sea Otter (2/1/2013)

Cannery Row Show #2; Pacific Grove Children's Pool Benefit (1/15/2013)
Cannery Row Show #1; New Year's Eve (1/1/2013)

Mr. Ganjah Man [Pot] Runs for President (1995)


Comments by Our Members On Building A Newly Formed All Party System

International Parliament Senator and 2016 California US Senate candidate Pamela Elizondo [Green] (1/15/2017):

"The most important way to celebrate the intense work the two James' have done for this Parliament is to call for representative voting, then fight for worldwide PEACE, to divert all defense spending to restoring OUR Earth & Inhabitants. The best way to PROFIT from restoring OUR Earth & Inhabitants is to grow marijuana everywhere, particularly with all other produce to use water symbiotically, as substitute for current source of all fossil fuel, nuclear, coal, hydro energy, wood products, parents for baby trees, clean air, food, water, unempoloyment, failing economy, environment, social security, healthcare, STOP GLOBAL WARMING & THE NEED FOR WAR."

Pamela Elizondo
* * *

Prime Minister and 2016 US Presidential Candidate Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State] (7/19/2014):

"It doesn't take pressure, but leading by example. Like a "mock" government to demonstrate the differences between single winner elections & pure proportional representation. We need to TEACH not PRESSURE!"

Miss Joy Waymire
* * *

Tammy Blair (Democratic) Former Candidate for CA Controller (6/3/2014):

"We, the Candidates, who are working with courage under fire and unity with the Coalition of Seven, are willing to cross party lines to bring about change to the State of California.

You have a voice, we have a voice, and it is called democracy. Democracy's key component is humanity. We are willing to work together for the common good of our Golden and Rich State. It does not matter about the political affilations, lobbyist groups, or tea parties.

We are united and committed to conqueror the same agenda, which is having a high priority to bring California back to a thriving economy, transparency operations, and accountability of our actions for all people.

God Bless You All!"

Tammy D. Blair
* * *

Joe Leight [Independent] Former Candidate for CA Governor (6/3/2014):

Commented later after Tammy spoke and said that Tammy was really on the ball and represented our group well. He said; "She had a great response/summary as to how to use the unity platform for effective governance."
* * *

Jonathon Jaech (Libertarian) Former Candidate for CA Attorney General (6/3/2014):

"I'm participating in this as a way to build bridges to candidates running as Independents or with other parties.

Traditional legislatures operate on a competitive "power" principle than undermines cooperation, rewards Machiavellian behavior, and concentrates power in the hands of moneyed special interests.

The Coalition of Seven and its innovative voting systems provides an alternative: a team building approach that rewards coalitions and grants minority viewpoints real opportunities to be heard. While no system of voting can ever approach the amazing diversity and efficiency of unfettered voluntary exchange within a free market, the Coalition of Seven provides a rare opportunity to explore alternative voting within a politically diverse group as a tool for communication and peaceful persuasion.

I look forward to continuing participation in the Coalition as a way to better understand other political viewpoints and advance advocacy of shared public policy goals".

-Jonathan Jaech
* * *

Jeffrey Drobman, PHD (Democrat) Former Candidate for CA Secretary of State (6/3/2014):

"That to preserve the unity, the team should always mention the names of all ten candidates who are working together for the good of the ALL and to mention only the top ranked names for the five State offices, would not be in the interest of unity".
* * *

Alan Reynolds (Americans Elect) Former Candidate for CA Lt. Governor (6/3/2014): "I have been a strong believer that only in working together can we really bring about the change that we need in this State and our Country. This is one of the reasons I decided to run as Americans Elect, while being endorsed by two others (Modern Whig & Reform). Having been an observer of the All Party System (Unity Movement) for some time, this was my first actual participation in this group's work towards unity. While their focus has often been on a voting system, by putting it into place, we have created a team with a diverse background and a list of items on a platform that are direct, reasonable and needed.
* * *
It is not enough for one person to say, "We need change". In order to have an impact, we need people from all walks of life and spectrum of opinions to say, "It's time to empower the people with more options they can embrace". We need to build on this group and this platform to show that we really mean what we say; that it is about working as a team, not as individuals, that we can make an impact for our future".
* * *

By Aldous C. Tyler (2/10/2013)

"Building this system is not about advocating any specific issue - it is about making the framework. It's like building a radio station; we are not talking what content to put on the air, we are building the tower that any content may be broadcast from."
* * *

By Norman Mickey (2/13/2013)

"Relationship Imbalance exists in other kinds of relationships as well. Without a fair balance of power and a reasonable means to try to meet the needs of all parties involved, any relationship is destined to suffer, personal or otherwise. An unfair, disproportionate share of power or need satisfaction will suffer ill-effects in undemocratic relationships of all kinds.

In the business arena, an alternative to the kind of capitalism that ended up crashing the economy and unfairly transferred a massive redistribution of wealth to the ruling elite, can be seen in examples of a fair decision making process in business/worker relationships in successful worker-owned business cooperatives with democratic control and revenue sharing.
Click to see Richard Wolff on alternatives to capitalism

This can also be seen in an experimental political decision making process currently being explored in a newly formed All Party System, based on a proportional and unbiased voting and representation structure, inclusive of all political parties and groups.
Click to see AllPartySystem.org

In international relationships, an unfair imbalance may lead a country like the U.S. with immense power and wealth to take advantage of a weaker country. If blowback occurs, it's odd that we then feel indignant and angry, and simply vilify those who are vocal or brave enough to object, without accepting any responsibility for the root cause. Instead, measures are taken to stifle and punish dissent, increase national security and even decimate entire countries critical of our practices."
* * *

"Those who don't give, expecting to take Will find it is they who others forsake" - A stanza from Romantic Reminders
* * *


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